What you’ll need:

  • White drawing paper
  • Quilo Lead Pencil
  • Quilo Color Pencils
  • Flowers
  • Adult supervision

Set out the drawing paper and Quilo lead pencils and show your child different type of flowers. Let him/her choose a flower they want to draw and do explain to them that while flowers may look complicated, they often consist of the same shape, or form, repeated over and over again.

Do remember to point out the shape of a single petal and its repetition. Then discuss the pistil and stamen in the flower’s center and the stem and leaves.
After exploring all of the parts, help your child to use Quilo pencil to draw the flowers on his/her paper. To provide an incentive to your child, let him/her know that once the flower is completed they will be provided color pencils to color it.

Do explain that its important the flower is drawn from observation and looks like the real thing so he /she continually refer to the flowers while drawing.

The Flower Project1

Once drawn, don’t force the kid to color the flower in realistic way, if he/she wants a blue rose or pink sunflower let their creativity flow.
This is a good project to give the children experience using their eyes for careful observation, making drawing less inhibiting and more fun.

Flower Project final