What is required:

  • Blue construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • Quilo Glue
  • Quilo Scissors
  • Quilo Color Pencils
  • Adult Supervision


First, talk with the child can about the fish and how they look like, describe all parts of the fish fins and tails. To nudge your kid in the right direction, you can demonstrate by drawing a basic and asking your kid to create his/her own fish. This is an important part of teaching little kids, making sure they can instill their own ideas and creativity into their art.

Once the drawing is made, let your kid color it with Quilo color pencils. Give him/her free reign with this part in order for the child to express their creativity, encourage them to add dots, zigzags or any other colorful pattern to the created fish.

Fish project

Now comes the difficult part for some children, cutting the fish. This is a perfect project to encourage kids in learning a new skill. After cutting the fish out, help your child to stick the fish on the blue background to give the feel of water.

Alternatively if your kid wants you can also use a textured background for the fish.

Fish project 1
Fish project 2