About Us

The search of having fashionable yet affordable modern day stationery lead to the creation of a new brand of high end stationery for the masses. As staunch believers in the art of writing, we took inspiration from the the ancient writing instrument Quill and created Quilo.

With products developed in Germany, we are able to provide not only user friendly but also eco-friendly stationery. As the digital world sweeps up everything, our product development team is focused on innovation to provide the products that cater to our customers need.

The terms digital and speed are dominating news portals, we believe that analog and digital will continue to co-exist and the art of writing on paper with a pencil will keep on prospering.

Having launched in 2012, Quilo has gone from strength to strength. With 4 vast categories catering to different audiences and a product range of over 100 products, Quilo is ready to dominate the emerging markets.