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As staunch believers in the art of writing, we have taken inspiration from the the ancient writing instrument Quill and created Quilo. Knowing that for an ideation process to kick start, all that is required is a pen and paper, we have created products that will inspire the users and educate them along the way. A dedicated product development team based in Germany oversees each and every Quilo product to ensure they are not just user friendly but also environmentally safe stationery. Innovation is one of our driving forces that ensures product are catering to the needs and requirements of the modern day user and are enabling them to excel in pursuit of their dreams.

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A great sense of design goes in to our products to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and stand out as fashionable.


Conserving mother nature and planet is one of primary priorities. We believe in giving back more to Earth than we are taking from it so future generations can enjoy it as well.

We are committed to providing the most comfortable stationery products with the highest quality for users. You can carry on using Quilo products for hours and not experience any discomfort.



Entertaining, Educational and Comfortable – these are three pillars for the kids range. They enable a kid hours of fun without any discomfort.


Quilo caters to all your schooling needs by providing a high-quality comfortable range of products that help you stand out amongst your friends.


The Office line caters to professionals who are always on the go and seek comfort while still looking sharp and professional.


The Artist range allows you to unleash your creativity and summon the inner Picasso in you.



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